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What is E-footy?
It's a fantasy rugby league game! The basic idea is that you are in charge of a squad of NRL players. Each week you select a team and they score points in relation to their performance in the NRL. You play a different team in your league in a head-to-head match each week (a round robin system) with a finals series at the end.

Why should I play E-footy?
Because it's fun! While playing an online rugby league game may seem like some nerdy thing, it actually isn't. You can organise a competition against your mates and prove who is the best coach. Aside from the bragging rights, it makes watching footy much more exciting. When your favourite team isn't playing you still have players to cheer on and to abuse - Happy Days!

How much does it cost to play?
It's freeeeeeee!!

Picking a Squad

Is there a salary cap?
No. Players are not assigned any values as there is no accurate method for determining their value. As such, limits are not on spending, but on size of the Squad.

Why don't the players have monetary values?
Many other fantasy games put a dollar value on the players involved. This is an arbitrary value that can have a big impact on the game. In E-footy it is not necessary to limit the number of star players in a squad through monetary values as each player can only play for only one team in each league. Because of this, players are not assigned meaningless numbers and it is left to the Coaches to decide when and who to sign, as actions speak louder than words(or numbers :).

What if I miss the Scramble?
The Scramble is designed to accomodate those who may run a little late or have slower Internet connection speeds by limiting each Coach to a minimum of a minute gap between each signing. This means you can join in late and still be able to select a competitve squad.

Are there any limits in Squad Selection?
No. You may select as many players as you want for any position or from any club. This means you could, in theory, have a Squad of all the Canberra Raiders - but I doubt this would be an advantage, especially if they lost or had a bye.


Why is there a "Players to Be Added" List?
So everyone has the same access to new players.

Why can't I trade with another Coach?
This is too hard to co-ordinate and takes too long. You will have to work out an arrangement with the other Coach through the League SledgeBoard.

Can I get a player that I have swapped out of my team back?
Yes. There is no restriction on how many times you can swap a player in and out.

When can I start trading players?
24 hours after the Scramble Date you will be able to swap players in your Squad for players on the Available List.

When does trading stop?
You will not be able to swap any players after the deadline for Team Selection of the final Round of games before the Finals. In other words, you cannot trade during your League's Finals Series so whoever got you there has to help you win it.

What is a loan player?
During the weeks where teams have BYES there are a significant number of NRL players out of action. To compensate for this, you are allowed to sign a player "on loan" for that one round only. This player does not affect your normal signing so, in essence, you get two signing for the week.

Team Selection

Do I have to select a player in every position?
No, you do not but it would mean you are playing down a man and this makes it harder to win.

Can I select a Goal Kicker from the interchange bench?

Who can be selected as an interchange back/forward?
Any player that has a position in the backs (Fullback, Wing, Centre, Five-eighth, Halfback) can be selected as an interchange back. The same applies for the interchange forward position (Back Row, Prop, Hooker).

Does it make a difference whether I select a player on the bench (as an interchange player) or in the starting 13?
Yes. The difference is subtle and does not affect the points scored in a match. The only change is that players on the interchange bench do not score points towards a Green Sweep.

What if my player is playing a Rep Game (e.g. State of Origin)?
Only points scored in games at NRL First Grade club level count in E-footy matches.


What is a forward try?
When the total of a player's tackles and runs in a match add up to at least 40. This can be 40 tackles and 0 runs, it doesn't matter.

How many forward tries can I get?
Only once per game. Not that many players would ever get 80 combined but if they do, unlucky.

Can any player get a forward try?
No, only players who are selected in the forwards (Back Row, Prop, Hooker, Interchange Forward) can get a forward try for that game.

Why does the score say my forward hasn't scored a forward try when he has more than 39 tackles/runs?
Results are generally not finalised until Tuesday due to the Monday night game. The progress score during the weekend is only interim and is subject to change.

What is an assist?
An assist is, in general, the last pass/kick before a try where that action has contributed significantly in the try.

League Matches

What is a Green Sweep?
A bonus point on the Competition Table awarded to a team that dominates the opposition across the entire park in a game.

How is a Green Sweep calculated?
The field is split into thirds:

There is a graphical display of the field showing the total score from each third matched up against the other team. Whichever team has the higher score from a third has a green indicator, the other team has a red one. If the score is the same, the thirds are both orange.

To get a Green Sweep, your team must have an entire display of green, that is, to outscore the other team in every third of the field.

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